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  1. I'd like to give a +1 for the idea of being able to rotate images in evernote. For some reason, my device (vzw gs4) can't use the document camera, and I need to use the native Android camera for images, and it sometimes rotates them when they upload. It would be great to be able to correct the rotation within evernote, rather than downloading or retaking the picture to fix the rotation.
  2. Hi I'm using EN on a GS3 from Verizon. Things have been going well, but lately, my photos, when taken and uploaded from the quick-photo widget, look "shredded" They are offset horizontally in thin rows, so that the image of each row seems to start a bit later, like the info from the previous line overflowed onto the next one. Anyone else ever have that problem? The photos look this way online in Chrome and FF, and also in the Android app on the phone. The attached image is the corner of one photo. The stock Verizon/Samsung camera seems to work ok. Thanks in advance!
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