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  1. Wow JMichael, did I read you right ? We should try beta version of this crappy 6 version to see if it works ?!... I have been struggling with the exact same problem as described by the other users, I finally decided to go back to the previous (5.xxx) version of the software which was fine. I just want to remind you that most of us are paying users (premium or business) and this is not part of our job to beta test software for a company we are not working for, we are clients ! I my opinion this proposal is really far away from the common sense... Beta testing should be done by evernote's employees to make sure that when an update is pushed to us, is, if not bug free, at least usable. I cannot imagine that much tests have bee done as we are a lot of people experiencing those problems... I have opened a ticket since more than 10 days, and really nothing changed : I have been asked to update several time, sending log files, completely erase, re-installing, and so on.... No change at all in the performances... I am supposed to renew premium access in february 2015, no need to say that I will think twice before doing it, and in the meantime, searching for alternative way of working. I have already lost enough time at this game. I am just a fed up guy lost in this mess !
  2. I want to use apple numbers spreadsheet to keep track of my work time for each project (a timesheet) but it doesn't seem to work. This is what I do : - I created a numbers 09 compatible file with the current (new) version of Numbers (as the new file format is not currently supported by evernote) - I add it to the note - I sync and then I am able to find the file in the note when reading it from another computer or device - I made changes to the document and save it - I sync and then the modification can be seen on the computer I used to apply the changes to the file, but I cannot see the changes when reading it on another device. I always display the .numbers file as if it was not updated. I have tried the exact same scenario with an excel file and it is working fine... What is the problem with the .numbers file ? Thank you for your help.
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