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  1. I haven't experienced that issue. Every once in awhilei will receive an error message along the lines of having a problem communicating with the phone. I wish you luck becausei use the app all of the time and truly like it alot.
  2. So excited. Thank for the quick response. I really love the product.
  3. I experienced this as well. Also trying to hunt down the app. Thanks DanK and PDascalos. I thought that I was going crazy. Please Evernote Staff an answer would be great! We want the app on our Galaxy Gear.
  4. Hi All - I recently purchased Galaxy Gear and immediately went into the Samsung Apps Store thru the Gear Manager. Evernote is NOT listed there nor can I find it when I do a search. Has anyone experienced this? Can anyone help me download the app so that I can use it on my Galaxy Gear? Thank you.
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