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  1. It turns out I had the Protect My Privacy app installed, and it was preventing Evernote from loading. Normally, PMP would advise of the resources (network, contacts, etc.) that Evernote was trying to access on loading. But in this case something was not working and the app just hung until it crashed. I haven't found a solution for this yet that allows me to keep both apps. Even if I make exceptions for Evernote in PMP, it still hangs.
  2. Have you rebooted the phone? The standard first step of fixing a mobile app is to uninstall (you may lose any unsync'd notes or changes so email them to yourself first), reboot phone (hold power button down until red ribbon appears & slide it to power totally off, then power on), then reinstall. Same issue for me, iPhone 5s on iOS 7.0.4. Did an uninstall, reboot, install, but no joy. Makes like it wants to open, then crashes to springboard.
  3. Plus 1 for this. What a dumb, dumb idea to go "Metro". In particular, I think of older people using it who may not adapt to new conventions (and the lack of visual cues) as quickly as those who have grown up with rapid technological changes. But I'm not particularly old, and I hate this UI. I can be excited by new things, but not when they just reduce my productivity without returning any "pop".
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