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  1. I also do not have the handwriting option. In a new note, when I click on the + (after looking in vain for a paperclip), I see these choices: under Attach: Picture and File under Create (after clicking on See More): Camera, Audio recording, Speech-to-text, Document camera, and Skitch. After updating my Evernote, I also tried uninstalling and re-installing it. I have version 5.8.1 (free version) and am using it on an LG Marquee phone with Android v 2.3.4
  2. Thanks again for your suggestions. (I'm using Windows 7). I believe I have the problem fixed. I had recently joined, then left, a homegroup with other computers in our house. But, permissions for my My Documents folder (where I keep my Evernote database) still included limited permissions (read and execute only) for HomeUser - and somehow they overrode the still-existing full permissions I have for my user profile. After I removed HomeUser from the permissions list, my databases work again.
  3. Thanks, I will. But I've been realizing I'm having other permissions-related problems. Other database that don't open because the file is read-only, or I don't have the right permissions. So it may not be an Evernote problem. I can't figure out what would have happened to make everything change.
  4. Starting yesterday, whenever I tried to add a note to my database using the Windows client, it wouldn't take. The title never filled in, and later the note would be gone. Today, I uninstalled Evernote for Windows (after backing up my database) and then downloaded and reinstalled it. First it wouldn't recognize or open my database, then it opened it, but wouldn't let me add a new note. (Error: Can't update next UID), then crashed. Is my database corrupted or something? Thanks
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