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  1. Thanks, *ped. I'm trying it out. At some point you have to wonder if paper and pencil wouldn't be easier, you know?
  2. I'm wondering how other users use Evernote as a ToDo list? I'm finding it a bit clunky but there must be a better way. Here's what I do: 1. all of my projects (I am a Landscape Architect) have a Project Number. 2. I made a Notebook for each project (1594 North Bay Village, for example). 3. Then, in each Notebook, I make a new Note called, for example, '1594 North Bay Village Tasks'; I used the check box to indicate if the work has been done. There has got to be a better way. It's clunky on my iMac and it's clunky on the iPhone. It's clunky making new notes, and it is especially clunky
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