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  1. That problem is fixed on the iOS app. Not sure what you are using but if it's an iPhone go settings>general>camera>image size
  2. After much searching and requesting I figured out how to reduce picture size. Account>Note Editor>Image Size Simple enough, Im sure its been mentioned elsewhere.
  3. I too am having the same type problem. The reason I would like smaller photos is for synching purposes. I took some pictures for work in EN yesterday and synced them to edit them on my Mac. After that I planned on sending as an email to my boss. I quickly learned that the majority of my monthly limit was used up with just a few pictures. I realize up grading to premium would give me more space to sync with but even at that, I still don't think each picture I take with the EN camera option should be 2+Mb per picture. I have read through this entire thread and realize there are work arounds for this and work arounds like that, I like using EN because I don't like the idea of "work arounds" If I wanted that I would just take notes and pictures in my email and send them to myself.
  4. Joe, Thanks for the replies to the OP's questions. In a way I have the same question. Is it possible to make a note in Evernote and place it in the Skitch Notebook, then go to skitch on iOS7 and have the note show up in skitch on an Ipad or Iphone? Second question, Is there a "Mark Up" option inside evernote from within a web browswer? I can't seem to find it if there is. If there isn't, Im assuming the only way to get the "Mark Up" option is from the Evernote client for OSX? Again, thank you for the help. NM, I looked for the mark up feature for nearly and hour and then decided to join forum to ask where its at. Afterwards I realized that I need to import an image or pdf, I was trying to use it with notes I created by typing. All is good now, You all are amazing!!!!
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