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  1. That problem is fixed on the iOS app. Not sure what you are using but if it's an iPhone go settings>general>camera>image size
  2. After much searching and requesting I figured out how to reduce picture size. Account>Note Editor>Image Size Simple enough, Im sure its been mentioned elsewhere.
  3. I too am having the same type problem. The reason I would like smaller photos is for synching purposes. I took some pictures for work in EN yesterday and synced them to edit them on my Mac. After that I planned on sending as an email to my boss. I quickly learned that the majority of my monthly limit was used up with just a few pictures. I realize up grading to premium would give me more space to sync with but even at that, I still don't think each picture I take with the EN camera option should be 2+Mb per picture. I have read through this entire thread and realize there are work aro
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