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  1. That was incredibly stupid of me, yes, but I've learned my lesson now :[ Changing the extension to .html worked great, thank you for the link, jefito!
  2. Hello, over a year ago, I began using Evernote on my Android phone. The syncing function broke soon after; it just said 'synchronization failed' every time, but since I'm not the most competent person around, I disregarded the issue - I really only used Evernote on my phone, so syncing was practically useless to me at that time. Now, still being unable to sync, I urgently need to move all my notes to a PC. I could try to fix the syncing issue, but here's the catch: I have a year's worth of unsynced notes, a lot of which are very important, on my device. Reinstalling/logging out is out of the question for now. I'm in a bit of a pinch! Here's my question... Is there any way to either: 1) fix the syncing issue without logging out/reinstalling, 2) export/share notes without syncing? [the 'Share' function itself doesn't work either, it says it 'failed to connect to the server'] (Upon connecting my phone to a computer, I was able to find a lot of .enml files which I *think* may be what I'm looking for. If all else fails, would copying them onto a PC be a sufficient way of exporting? Is there any way to open .enml outside Evernote's mobile app?) Thank you in advance & hope my English is understandable, it's not my native language.
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