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  1. For those using Microsoft Office 365: there is a functional workaround (to the disastrous loss of functionality introduced when Evernote blithely neutered their Outlook Clipper Add-in Tool) ...in other words, how to (somewhat quickly) transfer multiple emails into Evernote, keeping them separate and titled by email subject line. (Something Evernote USED to do quite gracefully.) Export emails (in bulk) to OneNote (ON), then, in Evernote, import from OneNote. Viola! 1) In OneNote: create a notebook called "EN" (Leave ON Open) 2) In Outlook: Highlight the emails, click "Send to OneNote" button in the toolbar. 3) Choose the EN notebook from the popup screen. Watch the emails populate ON. Leave ON open. 4) In Evernote: File ->Import -> Microsoft OneNote 5) Check the notebook box "EN" 6) Click OK...emails will be imported to EN 7) Check bottom of Evernote Notebook list for new entries, highlight notes and move them to notebooks as needed, delete temporary Evernote Notebook. 8) In OneNote: delete the notes and close OneNote program. This will work until the EN wizards figure out how to recapture the magic possessed by their ancestors. -Gargling Sand
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