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  1. Personally, I'm not so bothered by the continuous scroll, but two things that have really turned me off in the new app are: For a leftie like me, Penultimate's original drift function was awesome. Shifting that to a zoom box was a terrible move, no matter how resizeable it is. Please consider reinstating the original drift functionality, or at least give us the option to have the zoom box located at the top of the screen, like Notability did a long time ago. That will be really helpful for us southpaws Also, like many have pointed out, the ink rendering is really, really, really terrible in the new version. In the old Penultimate, the ink flowed extremely smoothly, and had the look and "feel" of a really nice fountain pen. Some may like that and some may not, but I for one loved it. Notability and Noteshelf both offer beautiful fountain pen-like ink rendering (Noteshelf is the best by far), and I would really like to see that return, or even improved. Perhaps as a separate "pen" choice.Thanks in advance!
  2. My god, this is bad! Ever since you announced that there would soon be an update to Penultimate, I have been excited, but this "update" takes Penultimate back to the look, feel and horrible experience of inferior handwriting apps years ago. Gone is the drift feature, replaced with what appears to be a speed-writing contest. Gone is the smooth ink flow and -rendering that gave the look and feel of writing with a fountain pen, replaced by jagged, horrible ink and bad alignment with the tip of the Jot Script. I had just made the decision to finally nuke Notability from my iPad. Glad I didn't. Please fix all of the issues noted by the other respondents, and quickly!
  3. I second this! Especially with the iPhone 6 plus, this would really be an excellent addition!!!
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