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  1. I realize this is an older thread, but there still seems to be some activity so I'll mention what happened to me: I was attending a conference yesterday, so I set up an Evernote note on my laptop with an outline of the presentations I planned to see. I hit sync. I then synced my iPad (over W-IFI at home) and had the note ready for me to add my notes during the presentations. I got to the conference and got on the WI-FI there and opened the note. The WI-FI very soon became unreliable at the conference, so I bailed on the iPad and used my iPhone instead (I had only taken a few notes). The few notes I had typed on the iPad had not synced, of course. So when I opened Evernote on my iPhone it had the original blank outline I had set up in the morning. Realizing I may have some syncing issues, I manually hit the sync button on my iPhone Evernote often during the day. After the conference, I went home and opened my iPad on my WI-FI. I'm guessing that the iPad note then synced and overwrote everything, because now on all my devices I am left with my original outline. So. What did I do wrong? (Besides relying on Evernote to take my conference notes?)
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