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  1. Grrr ... I have more trouble with this kind of response (I'm not angry against you, I say this with all courtesy of course), stop again, to stigmatize Linux users .. Because we are a Linux user, we programmer! this is wrong! We say that there is more and more users of free OS and therefore more and more people are not computer experts. My mother 56 years old, is under Linux Mint. She does not know how to program a solution Evernote and why does it not have the right to have an Evernote client?
  2. Hello everyone and hello CapitainTime , you forget something in your answer .. statistics on Wikipedia counts only Ubuntu as linux system and compares it to all versions of Windows from XP. So if you look now , it is not 1.52 but 1.66 % of users "Ubuntu " (+ 0.14 % in one month ). To restore the truth , we should also add the users of Fedora , KUbuntu , Mint , Elementary, Voyager and so on , which are not included in the calculation. I think Linux users are deliberately underestimated and this promotes dominiation " microsoft " then he just look a little more closely to see that many "Windows" applications are developed for Linux ( Dropbox, Hubic , Teamviewer , Firefox , Chrome, Google music manager , skype , Filezilla , adobe reader, Thunderbird and many others .... ) for an idea , go see this chart of Linux distributions : http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1b/Linux_Distribution_Timeline.svg it is time to learn about the world of free distributions for just 5% difference between OSX and Ubuntu if all Linux distributions are added, you have plenty of public to develop a Linux version (I say "you" but I do not know if you work in Evernote, I speak well of the team Evernote)
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