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  1. I give up: ADIOS EVERNOTE! Hello OneNote and so many other options. Too stubborn on their part not to make their font sizes more flexible ...where's their marketing strategy? not inclusive in such a diverse user population? When a forum gets too long and the BRAND AMBASSADORS (from the firm) do not respond it's to give one's revenue potential or subscription moneys to others firms that are more inclusive. Additionallly: For people who don't need to fact check and need to concentrate on their own writing try http://www.ommwriter.com/ Best wishes to Evernotistas more loyal than me ...the world moves faster than Evernote.
  2. EVERNOTE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT TEAM, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR CUSTOMERS! stop ignoring your clients with small-screen ultrabooks! It is Oct 2013 now, I was looking for a solution to the font size problem on Macs since I just bought an MBA 13" and I stumble upon a forum where the same need has been expressed since November 2012 at least, and such need has not been addressed yet? I'm experimenting with note web-based software to make a choice for the rest of my schooling and I'm finding challenge in all: Evernote - the font issue and the cutting-and-pasting issue (from multiple platforms, Win 8 app, Mac OS app, web-based, iphone, etc) Google Drive - No Notebook template nor features (but reliable since document always looks the same) Dropbox - great storage but can't edit live without the download, edit, save, upload circus OneNote - not available in MacOS (as part of MS Office for Mac, not even in Office 360 University) Others are good in one platform but not on both... I don't mind experimenting but would like to unify my notes sooner than later. If any comments let me know! Evernote: the time for FONT SIZE control is here ...now! People are making choices. https://twitter.com/MondoTechnoir Oct 2013
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