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  1. Although, indeed, pretty, the new Evernote web UI, at this point in time, leaves me flat...literally there is no dimension. I need dimension to organize my thoughts and in the beta version I can find no way to even stack my notebooks. Then there's the issue of scrolling...for some reason I can't get to notes at the bottom of my screen. But, the biggest deal with the new UI is my HD wide screen television/monitor. When I open a notebook all of my notes are displayed in a column down the center taking one third of my screen space. There is a great expanse of nothing on either side.....in, pretty darn white, white. It is painful to look at, induces a terrible headache and my eyes refuse to focus. If there were some way to introduce a softer, less glaring background to at least part of the screen it would be a much more comfortable wasted space. The disappearing columns are pretty nifty and would be ok if I am doing one thing at a time.....but that's pretty much never the case and so seem to slow things down a bit. For now, I will stick to the regular interface and wait to see what improvements/features will be next.
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