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  1. Tavor, the tag method is actually a step backwards to the before-gui-days. You can go back an look at the some pre-gui systems (eg PROFS) and that's how they handled it. Also, using the gui to provide the ability to visually see the structure is much more productive (granted for some tasks) than having to search tags. IMHO When I think about it, trying to communicate using are thumbs is quite a step backward too (not an Evernote issue though).
  2. I always felt that judging other people behavior was the definition of rude, hmmm.
  3. yea, call me crazy but I like my graphical interface to be, um, graphical
  4. Hey Einstein, what do you think I was doing? Just reading randomly? You're right, it has been discussed at great length, over a year ago, based on search results I saw. Seems like such a glaring omission, I find it hard to believe it still is not a feature.
  5. I'm thinking of starting to use Evernote in place of notebooks I keep but, I use color tabs extensively (and gotta assume other people do to given their availability). I've been reading forums and help over the past few day and, best I can tell, Evernote does not have the feature. Am I missing something? Is there an add-on?
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