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  1. Hi... I'm on Windows 7 and use the desktop version, as do my team members. I am an Evernote Business subscriber. Does that shed any light? Also I'm on a current version of 5.1 GA
  2. I don't know what changed, but since the last update tables no longer behave in the ways they did before (which wasn't all that great to begin with). My specific issue is that files of any kind can no longer be placed inside a table cell. This is a HUGE issue for me since I used tables with file attachments heavily to organize assets for projects. Text is also virtually impossible to enter once a table with or without text in it has been pasted into Word. Please do whatever it takes to go back to the prior functionality. And please someone with authority to report bugs respond to this post.
  3. I'm voting for chaos... and would like to echo the feature request: EN please fill this obvious gap and let administrators create and share stacks AND control tags. I have real-life experience with enterprise content management/portal systems that are chaos because the average users 1) have no idea of following even published naming conventions 2) want "everyone" to find their content so the apply every possible tag to it, making tagging meaningless in the long run. While this is not directly applicable to EN structure, the devolution to chaos is.
  4. Well, one correction to what Chris said -- users can only see the Library if they are using Evernote Web. The library view has been taken out of Evernote Business 2.0 in the Evernote Windows 5 client. I have complained about this...but the response has been that Evernote thinks that removing the library is a "feature" because library notebooks show up in the Business Notebook list--where they showed up before, as well as showing up in the nice library view. I wish they would bring it back :-(
  5. Thank you, Jon H... I started using Evernote Business 2.0 and the windows client 5 at the same time, right when EB 2.0 was launched...and without documentation for the 2.0 version I have had a very hard time figuring out what is new, what is old, and in general what is what. I hope Evernote will provide this level of detail when they finally publish up-do-date user guides.
  6. Hi, Chris... I use tables a LOT...and the table tool in Evernote drives me crazy because it continually resizes. For me that makes tables completely useless. My workaround is to create the base table in Word, format it exactly as I want, and copy/paste into a Note. The downside is that the sizing doesn't always stay quite the same as the Word version, but I can live with that. I experimented with pasting tabular data in from Excel, but the formatting -- rules, colors, etc -- disappeared. Best regards, Another Chris
  7. I think I will feel better after I share the following. I did send it as an email from the Houston, Customer Success Advocate who responded to a trouble ticket, but I suspect it will go into an autoresponder black hole. My original issue and chat discussion was about the Business Library in the new Evernote Business 2.0. Here is the official spin on why there is no more Business Library: "Technically, the Business Library "lives on", only it's now referred to as your "Business Notebooks" when viewing your home page in the app. The Notebooks that show there are still the same Notebooks that you and your co-workers "publish" for others to see. We've expanded the functionality to allow users to look at notes directly in this view." My response...an admittedly over-the-top rant. Hello, Houston. I appreciate the explanation, but I have to tell you that in my opinion Evernote has really stumbled here in many ways. Let me name a few, and I hope you will share this up the chain of command. If it turns out this note goes into an autoresponder black hole, I will happily post it on Facebook and LinkedIn. You took away the library. You are couching this change as something great and new, but what a blunder. Business Notebooks are part of EB 1.0, so don’t pretend you’re giving me something better when in fact you’ve taken away what to me was the deciding feature in favour of Evernote Business…and that is the ability to separate “library” notebooks that contain evergreen content or reference materials or repositories from true “business notebooks” that have to do with day-to-day business operations or team projects. Once a whole bunch of business notebooks get created by a bunch of different people with heaven only knows what bizarre naming conventions they come up with, no one will be able to find anything!! Ask your users in 6 months how great this new system is. Your rollout is way premature. I wish I could send you an invoice for the billable time I wasted today trying to figure out why the Web version had the library and the Windows version did not. And the time I wasted trying to find documentation that would explain any of this. I am sure Evernote was rushing to market because of the lucrative new deal with SalesForce.com, but you have done it at the expense of your core user base. It is frankly ludicrous and very disrespectful of your customers to roll out a product with significant changes and 1) not have all your platforms in synch but not bother to tell anyone; 2) take away the support resources that were on the web previously; 3) keep your how-to videos that no longer map to the product live on your web page, causing further confusion and 4) keeping KnowledgeBase articles that still refer to the Library (and heaven knows what else you’ve changed but not documented). If your website and your user guide and your web client aren’t ready, your product is not ready to launch. Your documentation. This one merits inclusion in two items in my rant. Evernote documentation has never been great. Heavy on fluff and self-promotion, light on the details about how to actually use the product effectively. Now, until you get around to updating your Knowledge Base or, heaven forbid, produce an actual user guide for Evernote Business 2.0, it’s also just plain wrong. And let me add, impossible to find. Only just now I stumbled upon a (very very high level) document called “Get to Know the New Evernote Business 2.0” – buried way down in the new “announcements” feature instead of putting it front and center on the “brand new business home” where it would be actually helpful. Instead, on the business home you give us a user guide link that instead goes to your marketing web page. Your over-the-top selling. As far as I can see, other than some improvements to search and some not-very-useful interface changes the biggest change in 2.0 is that you have given yourself TWO places to flog your related products---Announcements and Market. There is a fine line between keeping your customers informed about related products and services and plastering billboards across my personal space. I am a paying customer, and my Evernote client is my workspace…not your advertising channel. Thank goodness that (no thanks to you) I figured out how to hide these intrusive “features.” Do these graphics come out of my paid storage allotment? Who knows what else. I’m just getting started with Business 2.0 so I don’t know what else I will find that affects my use of Evernote. It’s a bit hard to get excited about the new features in the base Evernote Windows client—reminders, search all notes, shortcuts. We should have had those ages ago. And for what it's worth, I really don’t need or want to see my face on every notebook I create.
  8. Hi there... I think you are in for a rude surprise. The Library has been taken out of the Business 2.0 Windows client. GRRRRR
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