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  1. It's true, but... I work with hundreds of pdf's that I consult while working on other programs. With the old version, it was enough to double-click to open a pdf in adobe: approximately 1/2 second without taking my eyes off my work. In the new version, I have to stop concentrating on my work, look for where the mouse is, scroll down the menu, etc .: about 4 or 5 seconds. It's not much, but it's a lot. Why not add keyboard shortcuts for ALL possible actions (and the possibility to bind shortcuts to actions as you like)? For more than 50 years, there are programs that allow you to configure everything, even to automate tasks (EMACS, 1976). Are we less intelligent now than 50 years ago?
  2. Thanks, this seems to work fine with this link http://cdn1.evernote.com/win6/public/Evernote_6.7.6.7584.exe I do not understand why the Evernote team made this change. The motivations that drove them to spend money to do worse are a mystery.
  3. I'm tired of not being able to open pdf in acrobat anymore. I want to go back to the last version that did it. What is it ? (Win10)
  4. Hello, I have EXACTLY the same probème. I want to store code snippets in Evernote, and the resulting output is generally impossible to predict. The worst is when you try to write a piece of HTML ... I tried to put various tags to inhibit formatting Evernote without success. I use https://gist.github.com/, it's nice but it does not really solve the problem. I think Sniptastic allowed the integration of excerpts in Evernote, but they seem to have disappeared. In addition, Evernote gets a little crazy when you start to simplify or remove formatting. On the PC it sometimes becomes impossible to edit the note, or the selection of an area becomes aberrant ... I'm quite surprised that the developers of Evernote, which must use Evernote (???), did not think (and solved) the problem ... Did you find a solution?
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