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  1. Found the answer - the icon is in the Apps section as one would expect. However, then need to tap the "Galaxy Plus" icon which opens up to reveal icons for five different apps that are not really related. Just thought I would get this out there in case someone else runs into this. Jay
  2. Thanks for the reply. There is not a icon in the apps section as well. When I go to playstore it sees that Evernote is loaded and gives me a choice to Open or Uninstall. Maybe if I uninstalled it and then reinstalled an icon would show up?
  3. I recently purchased a Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition). Am unable to get an Evernote icon on the home page. Found the icon in the widgets section, but that just opens the program and then creates a link to a specific note. Can see how that would be useful, but for the moment would like the general icon that opens the program so I can view all folders. Had that ability on a previous GN 10.1 and it works that way on the phone - also a Galaxy. Maybe this is just a simple thing that I am clueless about? Any help would be appreciated.
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