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  1. Quick Search is most innovative feature that you add since a long time. therefore +100 !!!
  2. +1 I am using Evernote since years but the missing plain-text editing with markdown makes the use of Evernote for prof. writing exercises useless.
  3. What is the reason for removing markdown? I thought the idea was to implement markdown?? *confused*
  4. Happy to see that markdown get finally integrated! +1 for Headings. It should be possible to add Headlines with #, ##, ### which is major markup in markdown +1 for URL like [evernote](http://evernote.com) Markdown makes only sense when the markup gets not rendered instantly to be able to change formatting. Therefore a switch to show markup or not would be valuable. Otherwise it's just half the rent to have markdown in EN. Following did not work for me: `Text` - not recognized as code block ~~text~~ - works first time but then not recognized again and stopped working in current note
  5. A few month ago I found out that a subprocess called "ENAttachmentToPDFHelper" eats up all CPU (~97%) over minutes. After time passed CPU goes back to normal. I filed a EN issue and Support told me they will fix the issue in later release. But until today (latest 6.0.11) no fix is available.
  6. it's not a specific site when the browser got stale. It happens sporadic and I am not down to the right use case to reproduce the issue. What I know it happens when visiting a site and then leaving EN. After while you come back and then you are not able to click "Finish".
  7. Yes for sure I closed it via Multitask. I created a case at Evernote. I found a workaround by sending a document from another app which supports Evernote. The browser will be unlocked in that case.
  8. When I open an URL within a note sometimes the internal browser gots stale, means I cannot go back to the Notes. When clicking on "Finish" nothing happens. I can close EN or restart the iPhone but the internal browser window stays open. How can I reset EN without re-installing it?
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