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  1. Good comments, it appears however the EVERNOTE has turned off their hearing aid, the one that listens to customers. I echo your comment about 5.3.1 being intuitive to use, that is why I like it. Sure 5.3.1 did not have all the bells and whistles of the other apps but it worked and felt like taking notes with pen and paper. I am getting extremely frustrated and p__sed off at EVERNOTE with there absolute lack of acknowledgement that they screwed up.. Give us 5.3.1 back and make improvements to it. DO NOT cram a junk product down our throats - in the end you will lose. I bought both Notesplus and Penultimate, and even though I paid ten times more for Notesplus I still preferred PU to it. No, PU didn't have all the features of NP, but it's function and design was so fluid, simple and intuitive I deleted NP from my iPad and used PU exclusively. I tried given the upgrade a chance before successfully reverting back to 5.3.1. If there were major improvements in the upgrade, they didn't really impress me. I did like the return of the thumbnails, but the writing was still lagging, the two-finger scrolls never worked properly for me, and I had to take more steps just to clear a page. Not to mention the light blue coloring was kind of harsh on my eyes (another reason why I preferred old PU, the color scheme was easier on my eyes). A patch here and there is not going to cut it. The whole design needs to be reworked. Or better yet, rolled back to 5.3.1 (which will not likely happen, from the looks of things). This is like getting stuck with Vista without the option to downgrade to XP. Now that I have the older version back, the differences between the two versions are just astonishing. The writing is more fluid and natural feeling. The layout is simple and easy to follow. I appreciate the 5.3 version so much more. This is such a wonderful product I hate to see it end up like this.
  2. Thank you so much for this! I got my old PU back and with all my notes. And I'm so sorry for anyone stuck with this terrible update. Never again will I just automatically update an app before hearing the buzz on it first. Unfortunately there weren't any reviews when this update became available, and I just trusted EN to know what it was doing. Everything in the update made writing a chore. The laggy response from the stylus, to the layout and the user experience which doesn't correspond elegantly to real life experience at all. I understand you guys want to keep up with the trends, but you don't have to reinvent the wheel. I actually enjoy the act of writing. If not for the need to save paper and reduce waste and clutter, I would just use regular pen and paper. Old Penultimate was closer to that than any other note taking app on the market. Judging from this update, you totally didn't get that. :/
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