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  1. Since updating to Evernote (for Windows) every time I paste an image into a note the editor re-positions the cursor to the top of the note. This is quite annoying. Has anyone else experienced this? Any known workarounds? Thanks!
  2. I updated yesterday to Windows version 5.0.2. I immediately noticed that scrolling through notes was slow. That is, when I open a note that is longer than what fits in the window and I use the vertical scroll bar there is a noticeable lag between when I move the scroll bar and when the text in the window updates. I read some posts here that suggested Evernote may be slow because it is indexing content after the update, so I waited. A day later scrolling is as sluggish to respond as it was yesterday, and I don't have that much content to index. I haven't really measured this delay but I would estimate that the delay is sometimes in the 200 to 400 ms range; that is not just noticeable it is downright PAINFUL. I maintain a lot of lists in Evernote and scrolling up and down in them to find what I am looking for has just become very not fun. I am not going to update my other PC until this is resolved. I appreciate Evernote trying to take steps forward with the GUI design, but please don't sacrifice basic usability such as this in future work.
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