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  1. Nothing's changed since the first complaint four years ago. When I get unwanted line spacing (so that a note can't all be read on one screen but irritatingly continues off screen) I go through the unnecessarily long-winded process of copying the note into Word, then >Format >Paragraph >Line Spacing >Single line then copy the note back over the original Evernote text. I'm too old, have too little time left to be wasting it on this!
  2. My 'Evernote for Dummies' is now completely useless. I can no longer search for and find my notes - I don't even know where to start. In updating, I have lost the entire contents of my notebook 'Recipes TMX' - recipes which, as a food journalist, I have entered over the years with meticulous attention to weights, times, temperatures, etc. (The notebook remains - it's just empty!) In the course of trying to search for a note I have clicked some control or another which has completely changed my screen so that I have a complete directory listing of all notes with no way of getting out of the displayed format. Your user interface has never been intuitive (that's why I had to resort to 'Dummies' - the only other 'Dummies' I found it useful to buy was 'Microsoft Access') but you have achieved new level of opacity now. Goodbye. It was OK knowing you for a time.
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