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  1. Hello guys, I have a problem that I think is a bug that I wonder if some of you can reproduce. Basically, any text between a single digit and the word "av" is automatically styled by the EN app as a link. If the note is viewed on the desktop app there is not persistent blueness. I append the bug report that I sent to Evernote support. Bug Report Some specific sequences of text is automatically colored blue by Evernote Versions iOS 7 Evernote Premium account Apple IPad 4 Bug Description When typing text in the Evernote app it sometimes happens that a section of the text is automatically colored blue and underlined. Specifically, any text that is between the a digit and the two characters “av” is automatically changed by the Evernote app into blue and underlined font. Steps to Reproduce Open the latest version of the Evernote app on an IPad 4 running iOS 7. Open a new document by pressing the + button. Type “1 hello av” and the Return key. (Don’t type the citation characters) Wait for about 2 seconds. Actual Behavior The text “1 hello av” is changed from the normal black font into a blue underlined font. Expected Behavior That the text is still the normal black font.
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