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  1. To work around it, I've set up an email contact for my Evernote account email address (nicknamed Evernote) and just forward emails there. Or print emails into a synced folder.
  2. I've had this problem since I upgraded to 5 on this machine (Windows 8 64 bit, Outlook 2013). Even downgrading to 4.7 has not helped (uninstall, reboot, registry clean, etc). I put in a support ticket, but was told it was a bug, and that's pretty much were that ended. :/
  3. Cool. Thanks for the tip. I was, just yesterday, wishing for a mind mapping tool with EN integration. Looking now...
  4. To add to this. I had a bunch of notes with only .wav files attached. While they appear in EN as they should, when I did a whole notebook export to HTML the png file included in the supporting files folder for each note was a blank white rectangle.
  5. I was going to mention that list, but the original poster is explicitly interested in notebooks shared *by* them, and that list's icons doesn't distinguish between notebooks shared to you ('joined' notebooks) and notebooks shared by you (true 'shared' notebooks). The icons should be distinct for different sharing states (joined vs. shared, local vs. synced, business notebooks, etc., and shown in the various places where notebooks are shown (left panel, main panel of Notebooks display, note panel's notebook selection dropdown, at least). Curiously, the web client has distinct icons (and of course they're different than the ones used by Windows), but doesn't let you mingle joined notebooks with your own notebooks (as the Windows client allows, and I prefer), so it's actually easy to find your shared notebooks there, if you expand the whole list. I was hoping.
  6. You can do a Shift-Alt-N to get a the View All Notebooks pane, which DOES have icons for shared notebooks, but it's not the same as having them on the Left Panel. For what it's worth, I like the simplified interface except for: Lack of icons on the Left Panel indicating shared notebooks The inability to collapse panels like the edit bar (although for my purposes, having Presentation Mode on Windows would solve this for me)
  7. Upgraded to 5.02 and the Outlook plugin (32-bit 2013 version) no longer works. Can't load it manually (Outlook says it is not a valid plugin). Reinstalling Evernote (and even Skitch) does nothing. Was quite happy before the upgrade. Put in a support ticket, but I'm pretty much stuck.
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