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  1. When I try to save a web page to Evernote from safari on my iPad Pro running iOS 9.3.4 nothing happens when I click on the EN icon. The problem seems to have happened since the 9.3.4 update. Any ideas on how to resolve? thanks
  2. Thanks. I deleted and then reinstalled and all seems to be ok...hopefully
  3. I updated yesterday and when I logged in today I have nothing in my Evernote....no notes, no notebooks....nothing, zip, diddly squat. I have logged out and back in several times. I have forced a sync. Still nothing. All notes are still visible on the web version, on my iPhone and on my iPad. Running El Capitan on a macbook. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Thanks, but location services are switched off in Mac system?
  5. The notes that I have generated from my macbook are showing with a location when I view them on my iPad. I have location switched off on the iPad and no location service is showing for Evernote. I can't find anything in settings in Evernote OS X that enables me to restrict the location so not sure what else to do. Any ideas? Thanks
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