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  1. When I try to save a web page to Evernote from safari on my iPad Pro running iOS 9.3.4 nothing happens when I click on the EN icon. The problem seems to have happened since the 9.3.4 update. Any ideas on how to resolve? thanks
  2. Thanks. I deleted and then reinstalled and all seems to be ok...hopefully
  3. I updated yesterday and when I logged in today I have nothing in my Evernote....no notes, no notebooks....nothing, zip, diddly squat. I have logged out and back in several times. I have forced a sync. Still nothing. All notes are still visible on the web version, on my iPhone and on my iPad. Running El Capitan on a macbook. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Thanks, but location services are switched off in Mac system?
  5. The notes that I have generated from my macbook are showing with a location when I view them on my iPad. I have location switched off on the iPad and no location service is showing for Evernote. I can't find anything in settings in Evernote OS X that enables me to restrict the location so not sure what else to do. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. Thinking that the size of the Dbase might be an issue I have deleted some old stuff so that the total size is under 1gb. But still no joy. Now three days since EN support were last in contact ...I guess this isn't going to be a quick fix ;-(
  7. wouldn't disagree that life has got more complicated since the latest version. Even on my mac EN takes an age to load and sync and then goes slowly. I resorted to having a major clearout of old stuff - which kind of defeats the object I know - to see if that would help, but to no avail. am struggling to keep with EN currently as its has definitely taken a backward step with this latest version. shame ;-(
  8. It's now got to the point where EN freezes completely on the iPhone. In dialogue with EN support who appear to be flummoxed on how to resolve. Now done 3 re-installs and if anything the ease of use has got worse with every re-install. Not quite sure who to be p*ssed off with more apple for totally cocking up ios7 or EN for not being ready for ios7. Great shame as I have been evangelical about both brands for many years but now seriously thinking about ditching iPhone...grrrrrr
  9. well things are getting worse. not been able to use EN on the iphone at all today, I have been unable to get pas the passcode screen...total freeze. closed the app down and now re-installing...very frustrating...how come its never possible to go back to previous versions???
  10. has anyone else suffered similar issues with EN on the iphone & iPad running really slowly. It is taking several minutes for the sync to happen. Loading notes and/or creating a new note takes c. 30 secs+ ...nothing is happening with the immediacy of IOS6. any recommendations to improve speed? if I cant find a solution then at the moment there is no point in trying to use EN on the iPhone which is a major pain. thanks
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