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  1. Well I have good news: my 4.6 is still working! I've even logged out and back in, and my notes still sync. Maybe I can still get a few good years out of Evernote before I have to move on. In case it can be of use to you and your team, here's the installer for the, the last version before forced margins and extra headers: https://filehippo.com/download_evernote/14084/
  2. I was just made aware of the HTTP security issue with older versions, specifically 6.4 - 6.7. However, I am still on Evernote 4.6, so: Do I need to upgrade, or is the 5-year old version safe? Does 6.8 still have the mind-boggling issue seen in the attached image? On my computer, the only way I use Evernote is opening upwards of 10 notes at at time (each in a separate window). I am not interested in a note-taking app where fully half of the space a note takes on-screen is wasted. Do I need to cancel my subscription and look for a more efficient note-taking solution?
  3. I posted this image around here two years ago: On Windows, when I use Evernote, I open up to 6 text-only notes and align them so that they fill the screen. What I highlighted in orange is a waste of space for me and I couldn't hide in Evernote 5 (whereas I could hide most of it in Evernote 4, which I'm stuck using). Has this been addressed?
  4. Same for me: I hoped Evernote 5 would make the note window even less cluttered than Evernote 4 by also allowing to remove the menu bar. http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/43597-evernote-for-windows-502-discussion/?p=232287
  5. I like most changes, but this upgrade is a real dealbreaker for my main use for Evernote: opening a lot of notes to see them all at once. In Evernote 4, F8 and Ctrl-F8 were my best friends, but I still had to contend with one useless (to me) centimeter of menu bar. I hoped Evernote 5 would allow me to hide that too, but instead, I'm stuck with 4 useless centimeters, not to mention the overly generous side margins! A full third of my screen real estate is now taken by clutter. I've made a helpful image:
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