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  1. I updated to version 5.5.3 on 7 Aug. Since then I have been having many problems. (1) A few notes created on 5 Aug, with images which have been synced to server, suddenly lost the images when I opened the notes after the update. (2) 5 out of 6 notes created on 10 Aug, which could be seen on Evernote Web and another computer with version 5.4.1, but they could not been seen at all on version 5.5.3 no matter how many times I synced. I had to go into Evernote web to make some light modifications and then notes appear in version 5.5.3 after synching. (3) Frequent freezing of version 5.5.3 after making even 1 slight modification to a note. Does anybody test the new versions before they are rolled out?
  2. I'm using a Dell Venue 8 Pro with 8" touch screen. The scrollbars are a real pain with Evernote Desktop in Windows 8.1. Scroll bars in web browsers like Firefox or IE or Tweetdeck are very very smooth even though these are all desktop software. I wonder why Evernote Desktop can't scroll as smooth as them.
  3. Your statement ("the elimination of the shortcuts makes Evernote both inept and sluggish") was pretty clear to me. You can stand by that all you want, but shortcuts are in fact not eliminated: the Evernote term for what these things are is, after all, "shortcuts" (so by definition, they're still there), moreover, their function is to make actions like locating a set of notes is a lot simpler than doing it manually (unarguably true). For those folks who with to use the screen real estate to show the shortcut list, there is hardly any loss of convenience; for others, as I noted, they sure are a lot less convenient. This is not evangelism (which has somehow become a dirty word), it's just pure fact. Another fact is that personally, I don't actually care for shortcuts having moved down from the toolbar, and I browbeat dlu about that when they first appeared in the first prereleases, and advocated pretty strongly for the return of them to the toolbar. That being said, I am able recognize that shortcuts are useful functionality, and the their syncability (a feature new to v5, I think) is also useful to some people, even while disagreeing with one aspect of their deployment. That may not be a full-throated defense of shortcuts, but it's certainly more than a "half-hearted positive comment". I think Evernote's foresight is above everyone's else. They foresee that in the future everybody will be carrying 19" (yes it's nineteen inch) or bigger tablets that why they decided to put the shortcut bar at the left panel to occupy the screen space and they left the toolbar with so much empty space. I think Microsoft should really take the lead and stop making their ultraslim and compact Surface Pro tablets and make bigger tablets like 19" or bigger. As for the ability to synchronise shortcuts across platforms or whatever, how often to people change their shortcuts? My shortscuts are there for many months without changing, and I only need to set them up once on every device I use. However I click on the shortcuts many times a day!!! Again Evernote must have the foresight to foresee that shortcuts are constantly changing (maybe several times a day) so the need to synchrnoise across device or platforms.
  4. I also feel that the new UI has a lot of wasted space on the toolbar and note info area. Previously I was able to put frequently used notes & notebooks on the toolbar and hide the note info area but now we can't. Now I'm forced to use the Left Panel Shortcuts to access frequently used notes & notesbooks, and the Left Panel also took up screen space.
  5. The "shortcuts" on toolbar is gone in the new version I also had shortcuts to notes and notebooks that I used many times a day on the toolbar. Evernote Support told me to use the Shortcuts in the Left Panel. Problem is I don't want to show the Left Panel because it takes up unwanted screen space. There is so much usused space now on the Toolbar. And now there is only "up-down" scroll bar for the note but no left-right scroll bar for the note. I don't even know how I'm supposed to scroll my notes from left to right since some of my notes don't auto-adjust to fit the screen The new version is getting less functional and more difficult to use. I'm getting very frustrated with the new version and thinking of stopping my premium subscription and switching to some other software.
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