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  1. I believe the attitude of this country, with things like Obamacare, is a country that feels entitled to everything. This entitlement forces obligations on providers, in crude terms - to treat providers as slaves.
  2. My belief though is that before an obligation can be imposed on someone, there needs to be a contract. I cannot imagine a free service including *any* obligations.
  3. I don't want a boiler plate answer like "We comply with the law". I want to know point blank, yes or no, have you sent any of our data to the NSA?
  4. Are these updates setting us up to send our data to the NSA?
  5. I am guessing I know the problem, the evernote product has reached maturity and the the company cannot think of anything else to do, so they just changed the UI. I have a suggestion, create the ability to create a "spreadsheet note" and have the ability to put a form on the web that populates that spreadsheet. An example would be to request a quote. Eventually this spreadsheet can become a database table. This suggestion comes from the use of notes, probably many people use notes for various purposes - evernote can tackle these "use cases" and build specialized functionality. Or maybe you can declare a folder that is a blog, so when you add stuff it just becomes another blog entry.
  6. Here is version I downloaded on 6/23/2013 http://l.bitcasa.com/wpOSm1Co Also http://l.bitcasa.com/LFMzT7JP
  7. Me too, I don't like this UI at all. Looks like they are trying to copy Microsoft 2012 style. The old version is better.
  8. I really do not like the look of this version. Its too "fat". I would be happy if you guys just reverted it back. The old UI was more compact and it was easier to see my folders. As far as I can tell, the UI changed for no good reason.
  9. I really do not like the new layout of Evernote. Everything was easier to read and was more compact in the old version. Please revert back.
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