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  1. It depends on your monitor. I'm talking about the topic/ subforum overview on PC. Mobil is all black and white. On an OLED the green is very low contrast. No color combination has higher contrast than black and white.
  2. Seriously? I can't read it on the gray background. Am I missing a theme setting? I can't find anyway to make it black.
  3. I have a serious question for the devs: are any of you running an OLED monitor on 4700k? If your not do it, and tell me you can stare at that screen for longer than ten seconds. It hurts to look at. It's literally the brightest program I use all day and that NOT a good thing. Can we please have some color back? Pretty please? I design industrial HMI displays for a living and this would get me fired. Color, color, color.
  4. I wonder if they have any OLED monitors at evernote? My monitors are WHITE! It hurts my eyes looking at 5 shades of black and white.
  5. Interesting question. Partly it's a style thing, and a reaction to <that-big-greek-word-that-you-never-knew-until-everyone-started-hating-on-it> style graphics. And here's a guess on my part: with the rise of the mobile platforms, battery life has become a driver of a lot of software changes. And flat graphics are a lot easier to draw, processor-wise (and therefore power-wise) than fancy shaded/rendered eye-candy (again, this is wholly supposition on my part, but not too far-fetched). Also (more guessing, as I am certainly not a UI designer by trade): flat UI tends to fade to the back, in favor of the actual content, so perhaps there's a "pop" factor.Doesn't matter a lot to me -- there's the skinning crowd, and the don't-care-to skin crowd; I seem to be in the latter group. You don't use anymore processor cycles with just a color change. A single line takes very little power to draw as well. I'm not talking about 3D buttons just divided panels, and simple square buttons. Even then you can pre render them and display them as flat bitmaps. That's zero processing power because the GPU will store it in memory until there is a change. I'm glad that we're pushing tablets and phones, and trying to develop UI's to run them, but the bleed over to PC's bothers me a lot. There are huge screens, keyboards, and mice to run them. Shoehorning a Touch UI onto a PC is a huge step back. Take google's new home page with the new "apps" button you have to click to get to the apps. How many millions of people have to make that extra click everyday? What was wrong with the black bar at the top with everything exposed? The icon based apps panel is slower to read as well because the icons for the apps are not universal, so all they do is get in the way when my eyes search from word to word. I also don't want EN to fade to the back. It's whole purpose is the drive the content how I want it to. It should be more integrated not less. That being said, I just can't read the left pain quickly. I'm a very fast reader and it just doesn't flow right. Changing the font to TNR 12 helps some, but I miss the icons. (None of this is meant to blast you btw. Just venting a little!)
  6. This is my exact problem with the update. The Notebook>Stack>Notebook headers in the left panel are only differentiated by slight text size differences. Why is every company jumping on the flatten bandwagon? It's anti-UI to me. Add some color, emboldenment, lines, something! Better yet, allow me to color the different sections and fonts on the left panel how I want. Tags background yellow, notebooks blue, whatever. Give me options. We don't need silly web 2.0 3D buttons, but some depth is needed. My other gripe: The border around the note view in the right pane. Why does it need to change with every note? Can it at least be the size of the page at it's smallest? Scrolling through notes is distracting because the border is jumping all over resizing itself. It's minor but it would calm the UI down a little.
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