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  1. Thank you! I organize in a folder/subfolder kind of hiearchy. What you are suggesting is a completely different way of thinking. Instead of making things fit in folders, I just make sure I can search and find what I need when I need it. That is a shift - and I really like it. Very very helpful. I can look at Evernote like the tool it is instead of some Widnows folder hierarcy. And thet helps.
  2. Sorry for the long post but I need help from gurus like y'all. I am shockingly organized at work - I am an IT Agile/Scrum Project Manager. I can manage the data, next steps, and resources for multiple different. But I cannot organize information on my own hobbies. It's sad, really. I usually have 10-20 interests that I bounce between (I am an ADD poster child). For example, over the course of 2013 I was interested in: Bible history research Ancinet history Container gardening Tips to write a novel Agile project methodology Must read fiction Productivity tips Vacation spots Research to build a new PC I'd like to be able to capture data as I go (Evernote's strength). Then If I lose interest in a topic for a year I can come back and pick up where I left off. I'd envision some kind of to-do list for each interest so I can see what I wanted to do next in the area, notes, images, articles, etc. I use Evernote extensively and understand how to use tags, notebooks, sub-notebooks, and keyword search (I am a Premium sub so I can search anything). But I just cannot get an organization structure that works. I need the right combination of Notebook, tag, and note hierarchy and org to make it all click. Thanks for any tips or advice. We can call this "Even people with ADD can be organized with Evernote."
  3. Can anyone share links to examples of how people organize and utilize their notebooks and tags? I think way you organize tags, notebooks, and how they work together is critical to staying organized - and mine could use improvement. I've read a lot of the Ambassador Tips and they tend to say "I organize my research in Evernote", but I'd love to see the details. Do you use a notebook for each project and sub-notebooks for research? Or maybe a great big notebook for all projects and then lots of tags to keep the separate projects organized? Or some freaky hybrid? I know there are a bazillions ways to do it and there is no right way. But hope if I see a few examples I can find a process that works for me. Thanks! Mashugana
  4. Thank you all so much. I am converting my mind set to tags. I discovered that you can nest tags into logical groups (work, home, etc.) and that you can quickly tag a not by dragging it over the tag - that made things really fast. Thanks again for the help.
  5. I am new to Evernote and still learning the ropes. Can you make nested Notebook Stacks? Or does Evernote only go one stack deep? For example, I am working on a research project. I create a Notebook Stack called "Project A", but then I need 4 more Notebook Stacks under that, i.e.: Project AImagesPlanResearchArticlesWebsitesInterviewsPapersSupporting Docs Can I create a hierarchy like this? Or does tagging serve this function and everything just gets lumped under Project A with the tags Research, Plan, etc. Thank you!
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