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  1. Because I've had to visit this forum many times to find the link to the article htnawsaj posted that describes how to find the GUID, and did it wrong enough times to get frustrated, I figured I'd be a pal and write the procedure down in this discussion for future reference. To find a the GUID of a notebook: Sign in to Evernote.com. Select the notebook you want the GUID for. The GUID of the notebook is in the URL, typically after "Home.action#b=" and stops at "&st" and is a combination of alpha and numeric characters and dashes. To verify the string is the notebook GUID, click between two notes and take note of the within the same notebook and take note to compare the URL of each.The GUID will remain the same when you click between the two notes in the same notebook. If it's hard to view the entire string, it helps to open the two notes you're comparing in two separate windows or paste the URLs in a text file for easier comparison. All credit for this solution goes to htnawsaj and the great article posted on their completely freaking awesome Tumblr.
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