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  1. Apple's Notes app shows full note previews, which rocks. It would be great to see the same with evernote.
  2. Ok makes sense, my mind was reading right over "Notes", I think what throws me is in v4 you searched all notes by clicking on Notebooks, now there's a new "Notes view" to do this. This seems inconsistent with clicking pretty much anywhere else in the left pane and being able to search, and the more I think about it "Notes" was what "Notebooks" did in v4 (show all notes and search notes), so it seems like a possible waste of space in the left pane, what do you think?
  3. This is what it looks like where the search results/explanation should show up, also just FYI I do have Search Explanations enabled
  4. Nothing comes up, it just shows a list of notebooks/stacks where the search results normally show and the right pane is just blank
  5. I can't search all notebooks in v5, this was in v4... to reproduce, open evernote, click "Notebooks" on left panel (not a stack or a notebook)... then type a search term into "search all notes" box in upper right box... nothing happens... maybe I just don't understand the new UI
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