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  1. Hello everybody! I was wodnering if there is a way to integrate MindMaps into Evernote? Maybe this is planned in a future release of the Mac Client or maybe anyone knows of a third party app for creating MindMaps which are synced to Evernote? Thanks and all the best! Rene
  2. Hello! I am wondering how to plan my upcoming trips with Evernote and I stumbled accross Anchornote (iTunes link). The App looks neat and is syncing with Evernote. Is anyone using it? I am especially wondering how notes created withing Anchornote are displayed in Evernote. Will the App use a notebook for each travel location? Will it create reminders as well (the app can, but what about Evernote)? Sadly there is no website with more screenshots and information. Do you have another suggestion for planning a trip with Evernote? Thanks anyway, take care!
  3. Thanks for the answer. So I guess I should see EN the way you do, but I still like the idea of finding text in images and documents. Especially because I prefer taking notes with pen and paper as well, but like to search my notes as well (well kinda). Anyway thanks!
  4. Thanks! The thing is that in the orginal photos taken with the Evernote iOS app words searched for are marked in yellow, but in PDF files nothing is marked at all. So I was wondering if this feature only works with EN app photos or (somehow) with PDFs as well?
  5. Hello there! I just got my first EN premium subscription and I am on the one hand very satisfied with the document seach, but on the other hand some things don't work out the way I imagined they would. 1. Is there any guide to handwritten notes, like "how to write" blockletters for instance to help the servers to identify your handwriting? For instance a normal "i" is not recognized and I don't know why. Is there a guide on how to write so that chances are higher your hand written notes are searchable? 2. For taking photos of receipts for instance: Is it better to use the Evernote iOS app (camera function within the app) or a third party app like a scanner app which saves the receips as pdf's and sends them to EN? When I try to search for receipts some words found in photos taken with the Evernote iOS app are marked in yellow, but the same receipt scanned with a scanner app and saved as a pdf is not marked and doesn't always show up in search. And again I have no idea why!? --- I hope you understand what my problems are? Anyway take care and all the best! Oh and thanks for any help
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