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  1. What OS are you on? Windows 7 64-bit What browser are you on? Opera 46.0.2597.57 What is the size of the first note that loads when you login? Didn't get it to load. What type of content is in the first note that loads when you login? Most of my notes are text Does slow loading happen all the time? Or is it sporatic? Sporatic, either it loads within 10 seconds or not at all... How long did it take to load before you could interact with the UI? Never of late --although I was able to log in quickly to reply to this thread. How many total notes do you have? ~450 Are you a customer of our Evernote Business offering? No What is the make & model of computer you have? PC (XFX Nforce 750a motherboard). Do you experience this on other sites? No
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