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  1. Yes that's a good point, worth explaining on our Kickstarter page too! In our application, we connect to various third-party applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Evernote etc. In the case of Evernote, we create an note with ENML and then use the local API to store this note in Evernote. Compared to the Premium/Business OCR in Evernote, we also allow the user to export the text (not only search). Our OCR runs offline, so you have instant access to the extracted text and don't have to wait until the note is processed by the cloud.
  2. Thanks for your feedback! Yes, we do have an Evernote integration. You can share the scan results directly from our app into Evernote. And best of all: in addition to scanning the picture, we also extract the text (OCR). Both the image and the recognized text can be stored in Evernote. On Mac and Windows you can even store it as Word document and edit the text in Word! I use that a lot when I want to take a few sentences out from a book or a news paper, because I don't even have to type it.
  3. Hi GrumpyMonkey Sure, using the iPhone camera is a very fast way to capture documents. I personally capture the "not-so-important" documents with my camera… business cards, receipts, post-its, etc. However, with documents where I care more about the quality such as old family photos, recipes, etc. which I want to keep in the long term, I want a better image quality. To get high-quality scans, I usually had to use either a flat-bed scanner, or now the ScanSnap (which is great!), but I can only use them at home. Our PocketScan is sort of in between -- the image quality is very good, and yet the scanner is so small and light that it's easy to take it with you for example on a business trip or have it in the kitchen.
  4. Hi all Dacuda's PocketScan is the world's smallest wireless scanner. PocketScan is compact, smart, and incredibly easy to use. It’s the perfect companion to scan documents on-the-go. You can scan anything and in any size – even things that don't fit in your a conventional scanner. The scanned documents can immediately be stored in Evernote too! Help us fund the project on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1776222658/pocketscan Regards, Benedikt
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