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  1. To be honest, I've tried evernote before and i wasn't convinced, primarily because it felt more like a notes collector rather than an organizer. This was few years back and the progress is impressive. So I've started using it again. My tools: I've got EN PC installed along with the chrome clearly extension (my fav. extension). I've also installed the newest webclipper extension which integrates some skitch features as well. My work: I read and collect long articles. I use the clearly extension which is wonderful for long reads and then clip them using the clipper (using the old clipper) As for annotating articles, I only have the choice of highlighting them. I cannot add comments or callouts. The only way to do that is through screenshot capture. This is good for referencing or annotating a page or two. But not for long text articles. Without this possibility, I cannot use EN for work. Maybe for other personal or fun stuff, but it fails me there and I think a lot of people would want to have the ability to personalize what they read with comments, stickies and highlighting, all in clearly or simple text mode, not screenshots. For now, I'm going back to Google Drive, which is great for my need.
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