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  1. The more I read in the discussion area, the often I find comments where people missing features which have been removed. The Evernote team must have motives to do this, but in my opinion it's not the work of professionals... In earlier days YOU must have found these features are good for us, the user. And I don't think there are users who said 'away with this'. Many people have decided to use Evernote exactly for the features Evernote offers. No one will use all features included but many will use a part of it, everyone for his own purpose. Therefore I think bring new features but keep the familiar one... It would be an important part of confidence into the software and my future work!
  2. It is good to bring new features to a new version. But it is not good to remove features (completely like Places) or move items to new places. At the moment Evernote is a "search and find" app...
  3. I agree to mrs-kitty. It should be easy to offer a trash icon in the menu bar WITHIN a note...
  4. I just started with Premium version, but removing such important features like Places is hard to understand. When now it is saying it will come back in next version I'm asking myself what brings Evernote (Marketing Department or so...) doing and undoing such mystery decisions... I will wait and keep track of all your doing, but I don't really think to extend my Premium account.
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