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  1. Hi Neil I'm switching to using noteshelf, which seems good and can sync with Evernote - but have not worked out how to migrate my notes in a straightforward way
  2. Yes, after a bit of testing I am doing the same - just working out how I can transfer over Penultimate pages into Noteshelf - which looks like it might be reasonably easy by exporting Penultimate as a PDF and then opening this in Noteshelf - keeping my fingers crossed that it works......
  3. Had enough of this! Have been looking around and think I will switch to Noteshelf - v similar to old Penultimate and with Evernote sync for an in app purchase.......
  4. What a disaster - turned a brilliant app that I use ever other day into something that is unusable for me and is going to cost me several hours trying to export my current notes to something that works like penultimate used to.... Aggg, work is hard enough without this.....
  5. Yes, agree with all of the above - inability to look at thumbnails of pages has sabotaged the whole thing for me - I use it every other day at work, but can't see how I can do so any more - incredibly annoying, loved the way that it syncs with Evernote, but now it's un useable (plus I hate the new 'digital' design - used to love the brown notebooks)
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