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  1. It would be really nice if any Developer would join this topic! You annoying paying customers with "Markets" and "Announcements" which can't be deleted in iOS-Apps. They are paying you for developing the Evernote-Product and NOT for installing a shopping company. Turning Evernote in an onlineshop and at the same time cutting functions in the App is not acceptable, especially for your customers!
  2. As a Premium User i'm really dissapointed with the new EN App in ios7: I payed to geht rid of Advertisement, an now there Is the Announcement Section that i can't turn off. Even More there is the Market-Section, so half of the List Is now Blocked with Announcements and Stuff to buy. The Main thing, Notes, are now just a small very difficult to handle List. I dont want Announcements (especially when they are just covered Ads) and i dont want a Market (especially when i can't even buy things in my Country) Please stay with the Main functions for what EN Is all about: Notes, Notes, and Notes! I'm really angry, cause when i buy a Premium Account, i dont want to be bothered with Ads and Announcements. At least there has to be an Option to turn it on or off! And maybe you can add an Option for Filter the List individually. For example, i would like to have the Notebooks on First Position and Not the Last two Notes.
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