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  1. Utterly disappointed sorting doesn't work within a note. Amateur comes to mind. Like many other things in E.N., improvements are just never offered. Working within a note has not changed at ll ever since I joined many years ago. But I'm still here, and paying may Pro fee every year. Because what works is nice. Al.
  2. I occasionaly have to use Evernote Web (Windows 7 & Firefox) at work (as opposed to the nice Mac client usually). I'm rather annoyed that the date format can only be the American MM/DD/YYYY if I want the English interface. Evernote DOES know better, because if I change the Evernote interface language to French or German the date is "correct" (i.e. DD/MM/YYYY). It's still not the DD.MM.YYYY that I need, but I could live with that. But event then the time format is still the primitive American AM/PM... This provides very little usability. There ARE English speakers in this world who are u
  3. I am also a Premium user. I observe that my notes containing a pdf (or several), all specify that the pdf has NOT been indexed. But if I make a search on specific terms in thoses PDFs, they're all found as expected, as was reported earlier. I'm not sure what's to make of this, but it all appears to be OK, except the unsettling messages about indexation not taking place.
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