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  1. I found the solution: it seems that Evernote used the OS spell checking, and that OS on my laptop uses British English by default. I was able to change the OS spell-checking language via Preferences > Language & Region > Keyboard preferences button > Text tab > “Spelling” option, which I set to "U.S. English".
  2. I recently installed Evernote on a Mac laptop, and the spell-checking feature seems to apply only British English and not US English. For example, it flags "organization" and "initialization" as incorrect, and suggests to change them to "organisation" and "intialisation". I can select to learn the US spelling when I use it, but I don't want to do this for each word. I could not find a way to configure Evernote to use US English. I also checked all of the Mac system preferences related to language, and the only English-flavor reference that I could find was in the keyboard settings, which are c
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