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  1. Now, none of that explains why it’s not working for you. I’m trying this on the exact same setup as you and it’s working fine. When you paste a note link into Evernote, is the link showing up blue or green? Are you using any third party extensions that might be interacting with the copy or paste operations? The link is showing up blue, like it always does. I am putting in the link the same way I always have done it. I'm not sure how a 3rd party extension would work its way in there. I found out part of the problem. I found that I had two Evernote accounts, and that was messing with things. I only have one now. Now, it zips me over to my browser, recognizes my preference to have the note opened in the Evernote app, and then brings me to the main Evernote app, and opens the note I linked to in a completely different window This will not work for the way I am using Evernote. I have a single note open on a 2nd monitor, and I need to be able to go back and for between links quickly. The way it does it now, it completely upsets the task I am working on, which has made me go back to pen and paper for the last 3 days. I hope this will be dealt with by early next week!
  2. Another goof on my part ( really need to learn to use forums better...) I am using 5.5.1 as well. I hope we can figure this out soon. Tawmis.
  3. Yes, sorry. Within the app. I said, 'desktop' because I wanted to communicate that it will link me my notes through my browser. But yes, I am having the exact same problem; you describe it much better than me. Let's make sure we all write to Evernote to get this solved ASAP. I am also severely limited in my progress by this bug.
  4. I can no longer link between notes on my desktop. When I try, I click on the link and it now takes me to my browser rather than the note in my evernote app. Help! What happened! I need this for work...
  5. ....also I'm trying it now, and it doesn't not work...
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. I'm not sure if you use this hot-key combo or not frequently, but it is not the most intuitive. It could also have to do with the fact that I'm not an avid 'hot key user'. I will try it for awhile to see if it becomes second nature, but I hope that my suggestion will not be disregarded. Thomas.
  7. Hello internet world, I just started using the 'link' function to link notes together. It is great. The way I use it is I have a list of items I need to do, and then link each item to a separate note card so that my 'to do' list does not become massive. I've even gone to another level to link an individual item to a separate note that will give more details on an item in an item. Now, if you are using the full window, there is a 'back' arrow in the top left corner to return to the previous note. However, if you float individual note cards, then you cannot take advantage of that button. I have found away around that by creating a link within the note card and naming it 'Go Back', but it would be great if there was a button to go back in the note cards when you float them. Keep up the good work. Tawmis.
  8. Hello, I love the "outline view" in Pages and Microsoft Word. I find seeting up a page with heading, subheading, and point form notes very cumbersome in Evernote, to the point that I thought it might be easier to make an outline in a word processor, and import it in. A different suggestion is for the viewing mode. I know you can have drop down menus in the left bar, but it would be helpful if you could see all the levels at once: Stacks, Notebooks, and Individual notes all in one flow. There does not appear to be an option for that, and there is lots of room for it, even on my little macpro 13" screen. I hope this is helpful!
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