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  1. Love the product and am always thinking of new features that can be included. So, what if there was a way that a formula could be calculated if written into a note? Is there a way that this can be done? Origin: I use my notes for many things, one of which are grocery lists. It would be helpful to use the note to calculate the amount of the items on the list for estimating budgets, etc.
  2. According to the EN employment page they are looking for a programmer to make this happen. Maybe not in the next six months, but it is coming.
  3. I'm a long time Evernote user and in my first month of Premium service. I too would love PenUltimate on Android, but I'm disheartened by the comments that I'm reading in this string. Some people would stop Premium service because there's no PU? Seriously? Has it gotten to the point that we're passive/aggressively protesting the lack of an App? I see that the company is making headway toward getting a programmer to work on this app. I have to be honest and say get over it. Evernote is extremely useful and user-friendly. The service is awesome. Stop being whiney about it and just use it. This message is not intended as an advertisement and is certainly not from an employee of Evernote or any partners thereof.
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