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  1. Use Case: I use Evernote doc camera to store appliance and other manuals (and cook book recipes) - so I can throw the original away. Sometimes Evernote decides to rotate the image on its own and sometimes I want to crop the image. Solution: Ability to do rotate and crop in Skitch, would be awesome instead of opening up in some other editor. Seems like a no brainer feature and rather surprising it's not there already!?!
  2. Though multiple 3rd party camera apps support image stabilization, the one I have is called Camera+ I'm not sure if they use some magic or not to make it happen, but it can't be too difficult if multiple developers have managed to code it.
  3. Some iPhone camera apps, have an image stabilization feature option. The camera waits to take the pic until it gets a solid, clear photo. Since readability is so important for document-photos, this would be a VERY helpful feature. Though this would be a great feature for both photo and document photos, it's even more important for the document one (IMHO).
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