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  1. I have found the cause of this error, Evernote cannot run at the same time as "Razer Game Booster" if I have my Razer game booster running, the error message will come up, I just have to quit that game booster then re-launch EN then it will be normal!
  2. Hi guys, My story is like this I tried the version 5 and it worked before, until one day it's has this fatal error message coming right up (as the atached file) so I tried uninstall with Revo Uninstaller and clean all the EN stuffs in my hard drive and re-install it and it still happen, no matter how many time I tried to uninstall it, right after the installation, the same fatal error window pop right up. I have read this post http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/42595-welp-en-5-wont-even-load-anymore/ and still can't find my database file. because I don't know where does it locate in my harddrive I have tried installer older version EN_4.6.7.8409 still not work, same fatal error window pop up. BUT I tried Evernote Touch on Windows Store, that one can install and run though. BUT I want the more feature rich desktop version... please help. Thanks
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