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  1. Well, yeah, it's a shame. I can live with bugs (as long as they're not dangerous in any way), but I really had a hard time promoting evernote here. Nobody really wanted to use it; the only person that acutally DID want to use it lost all her notes - because of me. I think I already told this story: she created a notebook named "test" or something, pushed it to business, renamed it on her side, put tons of notes into it. I deleted it in a cleanup frenzy, because it was still called test (without even showing how many notes are in there ...). My fault, but also theirs, I think. That's the kind o
  2. FYI, I'm out, so is my company. I removed 17 out of 18 collegues, including myself. There's a tiny sidenote to this: I used to be administrator and provided my credit card number. There was no way to remove the cc information before providing a new one, so I decided to assign admin to the last remaining ENB user (he's still in!). So, for a few minutes, we were both admin. I went over to his desk and asked him to remove admin and kick me out of ENB. He did that. However, my credit card (with my name and contact information!) was still in there. For me, there was no way to remove my cred
  3. Quick update: There's no update. I haven't heard anything from my ENB contact in the meantime. Holiday seasons? I doubt. I guess I should chase him up, probably next week. Don't really feel like a valuable customer at the moment ... @EdH - Any news on your side? Cheers André
  4. Gents I had a long + good face to face meeting with the ENB guy [1] this afternoon. We weren't able to go through the full list, but we had a look at certain points. I as well shared the list with him, he's going to pass it to his collegues. I also pointed out that visiting this forum from time to time would be a good idea, even if there's a dedicated team that should do this. Again, thanks a lot for your help. We've done something that EN should have done a long time ago. Maybe we get some X months free ;-) Cheers André [1] I won't mention his name, forgot to ask him about this
  5. FYI, I added an indicator to the spreadsheet to separate business-only-issues from overall EN issues. I'll see the ENB representative today at 1pm, and I'll go through the ENB specific things first. @EdH - please share it with your contact Thanks for your help all! Cheers André
  6. Hi Chris Just seen it. Is this only on very first use, or do I always have to wait? I actually stopped using the EN plugin because of this, and because of the weird meta data it's producing ("created by <sender of the mail>")... CheersAndré
  7. Sorry Ed. I accidentally "resolved" your question without answering it. It is my understanding that Business notebooks you have not joined cannot be searched. I just gave it a try, and it didn't work for me. These are notebooks I have been granted access to in the past, so there is no reason why I wouldn't be able to see inside of them. Perhaps the administrator has more power than me. Could you explain to me what search there is (mentioned on line 32 of the Google Doc)? I have reopened this comment. It's the first time I'm using Google Docs, and I'm impressed. Damn, I'm really impressed.
  8. Well, it's not that important anyway. There are much better tools (like uservoice) that could be used for something like this, but EN apparently refuses to collect end user's complaints. They may browse the forum every now and then ...
  9. @edh - Done, as you can see You know, this is exactly what I like about google docs & collaboration ...
  10. That is the way to vote Susan. We are considering alternatives here too. I haven't seen an improvement to ENB in months. I honestly wonder if it is still being developed. I can't see any interaction with Evernote Employees here, too. They seem to be pretty uninterested. FYI, I am going to have a chat with one of the ENB responsibles here in Zurich next Monday. After having escalated a case where the support staff asked me to re-install Evernote, he agreed to visit me in our office here. He postponed quite a few times, but this time it could really happen. I could create a google sheet
  11. There *is* indeed some rename functionality in Sharepoint ... Sorry for EN, but ENB is a pain. Another user here mentioned how hard it was to convince management. Same here. Full of enthusiasm, but no trial period. CHF 170.--/Month (not that much, but hey ...). Now I have to crawl back and apologise: "sorry guys, we have to migrate everything to Sharepoint. yeah, you'll have to learn how to use it, but you've learnt how to use EN too, right?" Not good. I'm in a ranting mood, apologies...
  12. Honestly, this thread is > 1 year old now, and nothing happened in the meantime. No statement, nothing. Ah, sorry, I'm wrong: We learned about new partnerships, fancy invite tactics to get free months of EN. Frustrated? Yes.
  13. Ok, now I just did what I said: Renamed the business notebook "XXXX - Project Name" to "XXXX" Created a new business notebook called "XXXX - Project Name" Moved all notes from "XXXX" to "XXXX - Project Name" Removed "XXXX" from my notebooks Sync (cos it takes time ...)Result: First a sync error. Exclamation mark.No note in the new notebook "XXXX - Project Name"Ok, fine, so let's try again. Re-join "XXXX"Alas, no note in there too.Neither in the trash.Man, I'm so sick and tired of these flaws ... Edit: Just filed a bug: Ticket# 167829 - Moving notes - notes disappeared (request #167829). F
  14. Any update on this? I actually thought this was resolved a long time ago, but apparently it's not. Right now, I've got a notebook called "XXXX - Some Project", because at the time of creating the project, I didn't know about the project number. Now I do have a project number. Changed it locally, pushed to web, all fine. But when I try to publish it to the business library, it still shows XXXX. Not funny. I guess I will have to delete the notebook and recreate it. @brickey, your solution at the very beginning of this thread doesn't work. This notebook was never shared and it is still called
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