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  1. I know I tried to send another post with the solution I seemed to have found, but it never showed up in my view. But here it is: I got it working again. It seems that you must keep this unchecked:"Block third-party cookies and site data" under advanced settings > Privacy > Content settings > Cookies.... And it also seems that you must keep this checked: "Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)" under advanced settings > Privacy > Content settings > JavaScript.... But isn't this information in a tutorial somewhere? Maybe I just haven't found it. Or is there som
  2. The web clipper was working just fine until I changed many of my chrome settings. Now I am getting this message when I attempt to clip: "the clipper couldn't start on this page....". So I have searched for a tutorial on required chrome settings but have found nothing. There must be some information on this somewhere? Please advise. (I am using the older version of web clipper, as the new one stopped working completely the other day. It was fine at first; I actually liked it until it stopped working. But I like the old one as well.)
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