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  1. I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen any time soon, if ever. As Gaz & Wern pointed out, this is not what EN's focus is. It's disappointing that the focus is so narrow and blinkered. The moment a software comes along that can store information like Scrivener and Evernote but also syncs to devices, I'm off. I wouldn't be the only one either.
  2. I really hope you don't work for Evernote. Also, Scrivener is also about collecting, retrieving and organising information. It can capture webpages, audio files, PDFs, anything Evernote can. It's just that unlike Evernote it cannot distribute them between devices.
  3. +1 In favorites/shortcuts you have now the possibilty to sort manually - a good start. But for longer articles I always use Scrivener ... True. But shortcuts isn't really set up to handle tens or hundreds of notes.
  4. 'Impoverished' is such a cliche. Scrivener have produced their product for a long time, but they still haven't made a version that syncs - text, formatting, images and all - seamlessly between devices. They say they've been working on it but they've had developer problems and they have no release date for an iOS version. Evernote already has the ability to sync between devices, and notes have formatting and images. All Evernote needs is the ability to sort the notes in notebooks manually and have individual notebook sorting and it would far surpass any novel-writing software out there.
  5. There are two features that would turn Evernote into a novel-writing app far superior to anything else out there and they are really simple features: 1. Individual notebook sorting - the ability to have one notebook sorted by date, one alphabetically a-z, one alphabetically z-a, and every other permutation. 2. Manual sorting - the ability to drag notes around to change their order, and have their new order remembered. With these two features, Evernote could go a long way towards replacing Scrivener and the other novel-writing apps out there. Writers could drag their scenes in Evernote around until they're in order, format their words and include images (something no other novel-writing app that works between tablets and computers can do), and move seamlessly between their iPad, their iPhone and their computer without having to worry about Dropbox or any of the other poor solutions currently offered to novel writers. It would be absolutely incredible. You could work on your novel on the bus on your iPhone, then come home, refresh Evernote on your computer, and start writing from where you left off. Add daily word count target monitoring in the notebook, visible word count on each note, the ability to select and edit multiple notes at once (so scenes in separate notes could be viewed and edited at once and their merged word count viewed), and the ability to export a notebook in a format that can be shown to publishers and no other publishing software would stand a chance.
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