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  1. Okay, I don't want to start a new topic, so I try to give my opinion here in this topic. I tried the new Beta now 4 times, every time for 6 to 10 days. And every time I came to the same result: Back to the old web version. I am a user which is not only focussed to functionality. A good looking interface is also important for me. In my opinion the new Beta web version does not provide any improvement in functionality or design. The most critical step backwards is, that I cannot see my notebooks on the left side. Also it is not possible to move notes with drag and drop between notebooks. There is a lot of wasted space which could be used for more informations. I would propose: Keep the old web version and do carefully improvements in functionality and design there. The old version is good as it is and much more intuitive (as I wrote, I was falling back every time to the old version). Regards Matthias
  2. Outlook (Exchange Server) is our enterprise email system. There is no way for me to left this system and using GMail instead of Outlook. Every morning I read all my new emails (mostly from US colleagues). Every email, which can be answered in two minutes (or up to five), will be answered instantly. Every other email, where I have to thought on it or where additional preparation steps needed will be forwarded to EN. Mostly I have to foward 40% to 50% of my emails. Additionally I tag my emails for tracking in Outlook with one click tagging. Then I go to EN and tag my emails with priority, related persons, projects and set my reminders. Most of this notes go to my ToDo folder. During the day I go thru my ToDo list, think about answers and project next steps. And yes, sometimes it is a bit hard to find the related emails in Outlook. But in most cases it is better for me to search a few seconds for an email instead of forget to answer. EN is more a tool for me for structuring and it reminds me. Of course, there is no need to use EN for email handling. All this thing could be done directly in Outlook. But I have my structure and additional informations in EN. It is a useful way but not a must. There is another thing for attention: If emails leave our Exchange system, I've to be very, very carefully about information security. No emails about negotiations, no prices, no informations about infrastructure, customers and so far will be forwarded to EN. Sometimes I cut 80 or 90% of the original email content because of information security. As I said, EN is more a helping tool for structuring and reminding and not for handling emails.
  3. Thanks juwlz for your answer. I'll try now with a separate notebook called "Archive" Additionally I have created a new tag "closed" I will watch now, how much items go there and how often I will search in/for completed tasks.
  4. Hello friends, I've a question about GTD with EN. I've implemented GTD aligned to Dominic Wolff's ebook "Master Getting Things Done the David Allen Way With Evernote" and it works well. But there is a little thing which I'm unsure to handle it in the right way. If a task or a project is closed (wherever it was a small or big task), I am not sure what I should do with this note. If I move this note/task to the trash, it will be excluded in future search routines. That could be an advantage but a disadvantage too. In a workload as mine, which is divided in much little subtasks it is difficult for me to remember after 3 or 4 weeks:"Was it closed? What was the last status?" and yes, sometimes I ask myself:"There was anything.... but I cannot remember.." If it's moved to trash, I cannot search for it with tags. I have to open the trash folder and have to search for it manually task by task. Another option is to create a folder called "Archive" and moving all closed tasks/notes to this folder. Then I'm able to find all the tasks or notes while searching with tags. The disadvantage is: The more tasks are stored in the archive folder the more hits/results I'll get using standard tag searches. I suspect that it will quickly become confusing. How do you handle closed tasks or notes?
  5. gazumped, you are my hero ;-) The problem was the squared backgroud. I wrote a new note on blank paper with 3 different pens and the last pangram was wrote in a more quick handwriting than the others. It needs only 30 seconds after upload and in the first two pangrams were all words found (100%!!!!), the third pangram results in 75% recognition (it was a very thin pencil) and the last pangram in 60% to 70%. I'm really, really buffled now about the high rate in the last pangram. Thank you so much for this hint!! new note
  6. Thanks BurgersNFries for your quick answer. Okay, it's a limitation as i found in your provided link. It is like it is. But I wonder a bit. I am pretty sure, that all informations about notebooks are already stored actually in our notes. You need the noteID, the notebookID (where the note is stored) and the parent notebookID from parent notebook. Thats all whats you need to recreate the structure. I am not a developer or programmer but I'm pretty sure, that they build our notebook stacks actually in this way. If they would include this informations in an export file..... But as i said: It is like it is.
  7. There's another question. Yesterday I've created a test account in Evernote. I made an export of all of my notebooks (including notes) from my main account using the enex format. Then I logged in to my test account and made an import of my enex file. Sure, all of my notes were imported successfully BUT the trees of my notebook stacks were lost. Is there a hidden option to export the tree structure with my notes or is that impossible actually?
  8. gazumped thanks for your answer. I'm a premium user and I was waiting now for two days - I think that should be enough time for OCR recognition. But EN search still finds only the two words "im" and "Bayern". I don't know what I could change for a better recognition. What is your experience with handwriting text recognition? Is anyone of you able to post some examples for handwriting OCR recognition with successful search results? Is the thext recognition more oriented on single characters or complete words? And if it's oriented to complete words does it depend on the language? What I mean is: Do we get better results in english language than in german language? Best regards Daydreamer
  9. Hey EN friends, that's my first posting here and I hope someone of you can help me. Ahhh, I am not a native english speaker. If you find errors in grammar and syntax: please be a bit patient. I got some problems with OCR. Started a new note, choose my page camera, took the photo and have saved the note. The handwritten note contains a german pangram - one sentence, which contains all characters. So, I think my handwriting note should be readable for everyone of you. I mean, you can read all the characters. I tried to take this note with different pencils. The result is: After waiting for 1 hour Evernote finds only two words "im" and "Bayern". Whats wrong here? Is my handwriting sluttish? In every comment of other users I can read "Wow, what a awesome feature. Outstanding, great..." and so far. Maybe I made something wrong. If not, the handwriting text recognition is completely useless for me.
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