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  1. Hi CanC. it looks like you just need to send a picture of your notebook to a staff member and he/she will activate your code or at least that's what happened with mine hope it helps best
  2. Thank you very much, everything solved Have a nice day Simone
  3. You're welcome Josè. I'm very disappointed too, and it's a shame since I really like the Evernote platform, I use it everyday. In the meantime they've upgraded my account for 1 week, but 5 days passed by since the last time that they wrote to me, and the week is ending...
  4. Hi, I've bought the moleskine/evernote smart notebook and I would like to use the 3 months premium account. I go to http://evernote.com/partner/moleskine/, insert the code that I've found on the last page of the notebook, sign in to the existing account, click the ACTIVATE button, and I've got this message: " Unexpected Error An error occurred while redeeming your gift card. Please try again later." contact support It's been 2 weeks that I'm trying to do that, and I've send a lot of messages to the support via the "contact support" button, but nobody contact me... What can I do? Thank you in advance
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